Egan Bros Construction Ltd., was registered in 1992 as a Limited Company, but prior to that it was trading under the partnership of two brothers - Frank and Des Egan.

Both brothers served their time under their father's stewardship, he himself having been involved as a foreman on various projects throughout Ireland. Notably, The Labour Exchange in Letterkenny, The Technical School in Letterkenny, and the County Hospital Tullamore.

Des worked alongside his father for all his working life, until his retirement. Des has since taken over the business, and has his three sons now involved as well.

Des is very much into the preservation of our heritage, and is passionate about carrying out his work to the highest possible standard. He has always restored and maintained old buildings with pride, and dedication to every detail.

Egan Bros Construction Ltd is a family run, fully insured Irish business - with a proud heritage of over 6 generations of tradesmen.




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